About us

Perfect Solution is a Full Service Licensed and Insured Bonded Moving Company committed to provide you with excellent service and handle your belongings with care. We understand that relocating takes enormous amount of time, energy and stress, that is why it is very important that all parties involved in the move understand who is responsible for what. Every move is strongly individual; It has it's own specifics. We will listen to your needs, offer suggestions and provide you with helpful moving information. Perfect Solution are licensed and registered with Government of India.

Our Mission

At the heart of our culture is a blend of attitudes, beliefs and values and a mission shared by our management team and our employees.

Our culture has developed over our 5 year history and is the critical foundation which shapes the way we work, our systems and processes, our approach to our employees and customers and our impact on the wider community and environment.

"Our Mission to provide consistent excellent service to our customers"

We achieve our mission by:

• Understanding our customers' individual needs and then delivering services to exceed their expectations.
• Providing a positive culture for our staff to learn and grow
• Adopting best practice to reduce the impact of our business on the environment and the wider community
• Acting with the highest integrity at all times

Perfect Solution aim to provide the highest possible quality of service, has lead to the development of perfect solution' Moving with Quality' initiative, a nationwide program of customer evaluation, best practice procedures and performance improvement planning, continuous training and review.
Moving with Quality aims to create a fantastic experience for our customers when they move home or business, and combined with the principles of ISO management systems and accreditations, creates a framework of behavior, process and standards to drive quality through our organization.

There are seven steps in our Moving with Quality Programe

• Listening to our customers
• Auditing our performance
• Defining best practice and performance improvement plans
• Developing our people
• Quality management systems and tools
• Reward and recognition
• Continuous review